5 Marketing Tactics to Attract More Customers to Your Online business


Marketing is the process of bringing a product in front of the targeted audience that wants to know your business and product. With the best marketing strategy, you can even attract that section of the targeted demography and prospects that are not so eager to listen or know you. Attracting and retaining customers online that cannot feel or see you physically is a challenge. But, this is what marketing is for. Maybe, you sell customize hoodie or t-shirts online but not a single customer or prospect has any idea about your product quality. You have to develop faith and brand. This is how a top-notch eCommerce runs.

Let’s discuss 5 amazing marketing strategies that can attract more customers to your online business.


  1. Visual appeal

What does a visitor see at first? What makes the visitors stay at your website for some time? Think it from another perspective, why will the visitors spend time on your business site? It is the sheer visual appeal that keeps people engaged. The same psychology works as it happens when people visit a physical store or pass through it. You have to create an online store in the best possible way for optimized visual appeal. It should “wow” the visitors. The color, find, font size, image presentation and description, the follow of information, the navigation, and anything related to visitors should be smooth sailing and trustworthy. Remember, “the first impression is the last impression” works well here.

  • Keep the site clutter-free so that visitors don’t lose their way.
  • Display the products systematically.
  • Describe the products in a way so that even a layman can understand.
  • If this is a garment business you should provide key essentials like color and size.
  • Always keep a provision for customer assistance.


  1. Leverage social media platforms

Social media platforms are the most powerful platforms to come closure to your audience. As your business will get older, you will come to know the capacity of social media. So, leverage social media with innovative ideas. Keep in mind that your social media page should carry the same theme as your website and vice versa. Your activity on social media will be closely followed by millions of prospects every day. Once on any social media site like Facebook or Instagram, you have to be regular. People don’t trust the sites or business that is rarely posting on social media. So, once you are in never miss posting and interacting with your followers or audience. If you do so, it will be similar to doing irregular business. Your irregularity will damage your reputation.

  • Show up regularly – try every day.
  • Choose the platforms that have a broader presence online.
  • Be prompt in answering questions on social media.
  • Use social media tools (paid and free) rationally.
  • Focus more on the organic audience.
  • Let people discuss your product on your social media pages.


  1. Start blogging regularly

Blogging is in no way lesser powerful than social media. Use the effective platform to leverage your business online. The focus of your blogging will be to talk more about your product, market, and industry. You can blog differently like create a blogging page on your website or do guest posts regularly on the popular blogging sites relevant to your business. Content is key to blogging. Write informative blogs on customize hoodies if you are in this business. You can write search engine-optimized blogs to catch the attention of your prospects online.

  • Use powerful and effective keywords.
  • Write impeccable blogs with real information.
  • Use data from reliable sources or do your own research.
  • Post blogs regularly on your website and also as a guest post on other relevant sites.


  1. Contact social media influencers

This method of online marketing is highly effective and trending. Influencers are social media people having a large audience base. You can contact the social media influencers who are relevant to your product. Influencers will tell about your product in short but regularly about your product either displaying or wearing it. Thousands of followers of influencers will know about your product with a minute. This is not an effective tactic for reaching your targeted audience.

  • Choose the influencers rationally keeping in mind your targeted audience.
  • Some products have a universal appeal like garments that can be promoted through any influencer.
  • Choose the social media platform that suits your product but always choose more than one platform.
  • Be cautious about the content providing appropriate information about your product to the influencer.


  1. Email marketing

The most traditional online marketing is yet another effective marketing tactic. No digital marketing strategy is complete without email marketing. It is both a cheap and effective way of attracting a large customer base. More than anything else, the number of email readers still outnumbers any social media wall posting, public posting, or DM. At the same time, email readers have predictable demography. A survey has shown that almost 60% of people develop a positive attitude towards a brand when the brand sends emails. More interestingly, in the same survey, almost 75% of respondents stated that they remember the email while visiting the website.

  • Send an email to the end number of email accounts describing your product.
  • Send an email about any new product launch or the forthcoming launch.
  • Create a precise but informative email.
  • Send emails to your existing customers.
  • Sometimes send creative content stating how to use the product.
  • Image-based content would be more engaging than text-only content.
  • Don’t send emails to the same people every day.

Online business is all about branding and engaging people. If you are specialized in customize hoodies your visitors should know that you are a master in that product. Stiff competition has made online business tougher than physical one but the opportunities online are also unlimited. You need to be vivacious and vivid while promoting your products.  Develop a marketing strategy that would suit your market. The above-mentioned five marketing tactics would help you develop a strong customer base.

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