Top 8 Manifesting Mistakes


Those who are acquainted with the Law of Attraction understand how simple the intentional creative process is: Because like attracts like, be in touch with what you desire and allow it in. It seems straightforward. Nonetheless, almost everyone who tries it has at least a few problems. Here are the top eight errors we make while attempting to materialize our dreams:

1. Focusing on what you DON’T want

This is by far the most frequent error I see my customers make. It may seem apparent, yet there is a subtle difference between thinking about what you want and what you don’t want. Even the term “desire” may be misleading, since it carries the connotation of “lack” or “being without” for certain individuals.

Be mindful of the words you use and the pictures they conjure up in your head.

2. Not Selecting suitable manifestation method

There are many manifestation methods that may be utilized to bring your goals to fruition. Each manifestation technique is distinct from the others. People fail to select an appropriate manifestation technique before starting to materialize their goals. For example, since I like writing and reading, the ideal techniques for me are I could write down affirmations, but if I selected a technique like visualization, I may not be able to readily materialize my goals. As a result, we must determine which technique will be most beneficial to me.

3. Noticing you still don’t have it

The following variables influence how fast you get what you ask for:

1) how much you desire it and

2) how readily you allow it (a function of wanting and believing).

When you see that your goal hasn’t manifested, you’re generating resistance that prevents it from manifesting. This is another example of concentrating on what you don’t want.

Instead, if you see you still don’t have it, know it’s on its way and will arrive shortly. Remind yourself that you are a master creator who can create whatever you want. It’s just a question of time!

4. Letting limiting beliefs stand in the way

Limiting beliefs may be difficult to identify since we are generally unaware of them. If you’re doing everything right but still aren’t getting what you want, it’s time to examine your limiting beliefs.

It’s natural to desire financial prosperity or a supermodel’s body, but if you believe that rich people are the source of all evil in this country or that you inherited “fat genes” from your mother’s side of the family, you’re holding beliefs that are diametrically opposed to what you’re manifesting. Those beliefs, if powerful enough, will prevent you from achieving your goals.

Do some soul-searching to figure out what your fundamental convictions are. Often, just being aware of a mistaken idea is enough to dispel it. You may also reprogram yourself with helpful thoughts to speed up the process.

5. Not believing it’s yours

Many of us are constantly “wanting,” and the key to manifesting is to think that what you want is already yours. As if you already had it, live it, breathe it, and experience it. This brings you into vibrational harmony with your goal, enabling it to manifest easily.

6. Ignoring your (inspired) call to action

When you are correctly connected with what you desire, you will see evidence of it gathering and may feel motivated to take specific activities. Pay attention to your intuition, follow your gut instincts, and take action that feels good. Overachievers often overburden themselves by doing actions they think are necessary to actualize their goal, but only inspired action is beneficial. Excessive activity will create resistance and slow the process down.

7. Not feeling good

If you have anything that regularly brings you down, whether it’s your work, your health, your marriage, or whatever else, you’re setting a vibration that makes it harder for the Universe to send you positive things. One of the most effective things you can do to obtain what you want is to begin taking measures to intentionally feel happy.

You’ll be surprised at how things fall into place after you begin to eliminate what you’re “tolerating” in life and begin to feel better. It does not necessary imply that you must flip your life upside down (though it may help), but you can choose to alter the way you feel about things.

8. Giving attention to the obstacles

Sometimes it seems as if our brains are hard-wired to automatically recount all the reasons, we can’t have everything we desire. This is where you train your brain to refuse to accept any “facts” or “truths” about why your goal isn’t manifesting. (Except for the ones you believe in, there are no hard and fast laws in this Universe.)

Thinking on the reasons you won’t obtain what you desire strengthens and empowers those barriers. Let go of any ideas that are getting in the way of you getting what you desire.

Above all, remember that this is supposed to be enjoyable! Creating what you desire is wonderful, joyous, and a big journey in and of itself!

Manifesting your desires with law of attraction takes lots of practice. So, there can be number of mistakes that can happen between the process. Best thing to do is experiment with different methods of manifestation and stay motivated. You have to stay strong no matter how many times you fail at manifesting. At all times keep faith in yourself. You will manifest your desires for sure. You will win your life. Stay motivated and be happy.

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