Role of Water Purifiers in India with Benefits


Water plays a very important part in our daily life. If it is coming to life you can’t live without drinking water for more than 3 days. What if this water is Contaminated and Polluted. Before coming to the Need for Water Purifiers we first Need to know why Water is so much important to live our Life. A scientific Study gives us the Figures that up to 60% of the Human Body is made of water. Different Organs of our body are made of different Percentages of water. For Example, Skin contains 64% water, Muscles and Kidney contains 79% of water. Therefore a Normal Healthy Person should consume at least 3-4 Litres a Day.

Role of Water And Water Purifiers in Today Life

Water always makes a Key Important role in our Cells’ Formations of the body. There are many many Benefits of Drinking water in the Human Body. Some of the examples are given below.

  • Improves Blood Circulations- Drinking Enough water always helps in Improving Blood circulation. If a person is drinking 3-4 liters throughout a day he will not have to suffer from the Blood Infections Like Cloting, Blood Infections Problems, etc.
  • Improve Digestion- whatever we eat throughout the day the Food we are consuming will only Digest when Enough Water is present in our Body.
  • Lower the Acidic effect – Some time due to Less Water Intake our body start rising the Acid Release in the Stomach may lead to Serious Stomach Problems like Irritatable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis and Gastritis.
  • Help in Excretion of waste Products-Proper Intake of water always helps in the Excretion of waste & toxins materials out of the Body. water intake has a Directly effect on the Kidney and Liver functioning of the Body.
  • Water always acts as a Carrier for taking Nutrients and oxygen to the Blood Cells of the Body Parts which makes a direct Growth of the Body.
  • The major role of Water Intake is to Regulate Body Temperature. our body gets hydrated either by breathing or by sweating. This Process makes the body temperature high. Water intake helps the person to maintain their regular temperature.

What is the role of Water Purifiers in Today Life?

According to the Figures & Calculations Report 70% Part of the Earth is covered with water. But we have only 3% of that 70% can be used for Drinking. Increasing Population and Industrialization Making these Drinking water Polluted. Chemicals used by the Companies are mixing in Ground Water and making it Hazardous to drink Directly.

Water Purifiers in Today life is becoming a Must Requirement to Provide us the Clean and Healthy Water. A Purifier Reduces the Concentration of the Contaminants like Dust Particles, Viruses, Bacteria and Algae, and Fungi. The evolution of Water Purifiers has been taking place for many does not only meet the needs of Drinking water but also help in Purifying the Water used by the Companies.

Depending upon the Sources used for the Purifying water we have Categorized the Water Sources

  • Ground Water
  • River & Lakes water
  • Ocean Water
  • Stream Water
  • Saltwater

Parameters For Water Purifying

The government has set some of the Parameters for the water purifying process. It involves the checking of the organic & inorganic chemicals like Zinc, Copper, Magnesium  & sulfate. Other than that PH Value, Odour  and color are also necessary Parameters for the Water Purifying Process

Both Water purifiers and Water Filter work on the Same Mechanical Algorithms. Often Coagulation and Flocculation are the first steps to be used by the Water Purifiers. After that Sedimentation and Clarification are done with the Contaminated Water.after going through all these Processes finally Store the Clean water and send it to you by Distribution Process.

The Process of Water Purifiers involves Suck up the Raw or Contaminated water then filter out the Impurities like Algae, Fungus, MicroOrganisms, and Dust Particles, and then Dispose the Clean water to your Doors.

The evolution of the Water Purification Process starts from by process of Chlorination which involves the use of Chloride by Adding into the Contaminated Water. But it was not enough to Purifying the water because it was not Effective for some Protozoa & microorganisms. A Negative Effect is to be seen on Health who is using this Chloride water.

In this article, we have learned a lot about the Water Purifiers’ role in the water purification process. Digital Search Club is our website that Provides the Latest update on Related Topics about Health, Entertainment, sports and news.

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